GFS for 16 LNG Alpha Mine Trucks

GFS Corp has secured an order from Wyoming’s Alpha Coal West for Evo-MT 7930 kits to convert the entire fleet of Caterpillar 793 trucks at Alpha’s Eagle Butte mine to LNG-diesel dual fuel operation. Sixteen of the huge trucks will be able to offset the high diesel usage with liquefied natural gas.

The order follows an 18-month pilot program, initially involving three 793 trucks and then four, at the nearby Belle Ayr mine (HHP Insight, July 23). When the program started in July 2012, Alpha Coal West “became the first mining company to operate mining haul trucks using natural gas,” Florida-based GFS says. “A year and a half of daily operation and proof of concept” prompted the decision to convert 12 additional trucks at Eagle Butte.

“We are pleased that our pilot project with Alpha Coal West, Inc., has led to a commercial implementation,” said GFS president Jason Green said in a release.

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