Starting Now-California Is Serious About Organic Waste.

On January 1, being a food processor in California got even tougher.

Cal Recycle has started enforcing AB1826. Now, businesses that generate at least 4 cubic yards of organic waste per week MUST recycle it. Liquids, solids, packaging are all included in the law.

You could be fined.

Your business could be interrupted.

Overall it’s just about the last thing you need right now.

That’s why you do need COLONY ENERGY PARTNERS
Colony Energy is your turn-key organic waste solution.
We can take everything you generate, except glass, and make sure it’s properly recycled and you have proof.

  • We’ll pick it up at your facility or you can bring it to us;
  • There’s no limit to what we take, even large recall material;
  • Colony separates the material, sends organics to our digester, where it’s turned into clean biogas, then we recycle the rest;
  • You receive a Destruction Certificate for your permanent record;
  • We’re flexible. You can choose the best agreement for your business, from month-to-month to multi-year.

Get Your Waste Together, AB 1826 Is Here Now.

We’re here to help you keep organic waste out of landfills and keep Cal Recycle out of your hair.

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