Colony Energy Organic Power System

The foundation of the Colony Energy Organic Power System (CEOPS) is a proprietary Anaerobic Digester. The digester receives organic waste destined for landfills and captures the energy that otherwise would go untapped. Because the Colony team is anchored by the experience of over 1600 successfully installed digesters around the world, we have perfected the System to deliver better results than any other available. Here’s how:


The CEOPS has been engineered and continually improved to accept the widest possible waste stream, which means we can produce more energy and extend landfill life cycles. Organic sources can include:

  1. All green waste
  2. High liquids
  3. High solids
  4. Fats, oils and grease
  5. All proteins
  6. Industrial waste streams with high PH/acids
  7. Municipal waste streams


Experience has proven that the particular blend of feedstock can make a profound difference in the energy output of the CEOPS. The blend is heated to produce high concentrations of green bio-methane gas. The sustainable gas has many possible uses. We will combine all these streams to produce high levels of bio methane (bio fuel) gas to produce

  1. Electricity from Co-Generation plant, which we sell into the Grid, generally, our plant produces up to 5MW, which equals to 5000 homes.
  2. CNG (compressed natural gas) to fuel municipal and cities fleets
  3. LNG (liqufied natural gas) to fuel municipal and industrial fleets

We also produce nutrient rich sold byproduct known as digestate, which is a very good source of organic soil amendment.

Colony specialty is to combine the right feedstock with technology to accomplish the following:

  1. Pipeline quality Bio Methane Gas Production
  2. Distribute the Bio Methane Gas nationally
  3. Market the Gas to the renewable energy industry