Dirk Ivory



Between Statewide Acquisition Corp. and Colony Energy, Mr. Ivory has developed over $750MM in sales and over $450MM in costs.

In 2004, he Co- Founded Harper Lake, a 3000 acre master planned energy park, including power generation from solar, biogas and ethanol. utilizing feedstock from dairy and byproducts form organics. After three years of permitting with the State, the project was sold for profit to Abengoa, whom has successfully developed a 300 MW solar plant.

In 1991, Mr. Ivory joined McNeil Real Estate Management as the Principle and Vice President of construction. The company was a Limited Partnership that owned and operated 24,000 apartment units and 5 million square feet of office, retail and storage. Working with an annual budget of $30MM, Mr. Ivory managed the complete renovation of numerous apartment buildings in the portfolio. Each of the projects yielded a maximum return on investment and increased revenue through his value-added management philosophy.

During his tenure at McNeil Real Estate Management, Mr. Ivory developed 1,900 apartment units as well as office and retail for the portfolio. The portfolio was sold for 650mm to Goldman Sachs/Whitehall for a significant profit in 2000.