The Endeavor Facility

Colony’s Endeavor Facility outside Tulare, California, will offer a convenient and affordable disposal option for high strength liquids and organic waste. The initial design capacity will allow 500 wet tons of accepted waste per day – waste with a solids content up to 40%. The organic waste will be converted into bio methane for use throughout the transportation industry, replacing 5,000 gallons per day of diesel fuel.

Commercial operations at Colony Endeavor will commence the first quarter of 2014. The location is ideal for landfill diversions of organic waste separated at MRF’s, from Bakersfield to Fresno, in Central Valley. Digester to energy conversion is a proven and viable technology that is more cost effective and GHG emission friendly than composting; anaerobic digestion is the new solution in sustainable management of organic MSW.

The Colony Tulare facility will be able to handle a variety of organic waste, including:

  • Agriculture and Winery Processing Residues
  • Dairy, Poultry, and Swine Manure
  • Fats, Oils, and Greases (FOG)
  • Food Processing Residues
  • Beef and Poultry Processing and Rendering Plant Residues
  • Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste
  • Food scraps from large commercial cafeterias, restaurants, and expired groceries